Can card games be useful for health?

Many people are sure: it is worth picking up cards or bones – and life will go downhill. However, scientists are not so categorical. For example, they came to the conclusion that card games have a lot of merits and even have a beneficial effect on health. Their advantages are described later in the article.pinup_risk-game

What abilities develop card games?

  1. Playing cards, you are not just entertained, but also develop all kinds of abilities, skills and abilities.
  2. Mathematical abilities – you need to consider possible options, make calculations in your mind and determine the probability of victory in a given situation.
  3. Psychological skills – You learn to keep emotions with you, bluff, solve the rivals’ intentions on their face and gestures, not to succumb to tilt and so on.
  4. Development of memory – A good player keeps the cards in mind and remembers the actions of opponents, which perfectly trains the memory.
  5. Communication Skills – In today’s world, many people lack live communication. Card games with real opponents teach communication in an informal setting.
  6. In addition, at the card table you meet people of different professions, ages, from other countries and social strata. Each of them can teach you something, which adds life experience and broadens your horizons.

How do the cards help older people?

Your grandfather likes to paint with friends in preference, and the grandmother does not mind fighting against the same age as the bridge? If they play “for interest” or make small bets, do not rush to worry. Card games may well benefit them. Let’s highlight the key advantages of such hobbies:

Stimulation of cognitive abilities

With age, the cognitive abilities of a person are reduced, as a result of which memory deteriorates, attention is lost, learning ability is lost, and sometimes even dementia develops. However, we should not take these problems as inevitable satellites of aging. Recent research proves that the brain is able to perform most of its functions productively throughout the life of a person if it is sufficiently stimulated. Card games can be a great simulator for the brain. Bridge, Rummy, numerous versions of poker make players concentrate on the gameplay, choose the optimal strategy, take into account the actions of opponents and make other decisions. Being an excellent entertainment, they simultaneously load the brain, causing it to produce new cells.

In 2014, experts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, found that fans of card games and table games, as well as all kinds of puzzles, the brain volume is greater than those who do not have attachments to such entertainments. This is an important indicator, because with the development of degenerative diseases of the brain (for example, senile sclerosis), its volume is significantly reduced. Of course, you can stimulate brain activity in other ways, but if card games give you pleasure, why not give preference to this method. You can play cards with real rivals or a computer program. Free demo mode or real money game in the casino is also suitable, but remember that it’s about games that require you to make decisions. For example, an excellent exercise for the brain will be video poker or online blackjack. It is hardly worth considering card games as an effective means of combating Alzheimer’s disease and other degenerative processes, but scientists still find them useful. Let’s listen to the neurologist Keith Josephs of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota: “Preferring casino card games for money, remember the risks associated with the development of ludomania. It’s unlikely that you want to turn into an elderly gambler in the process of fighting dementia”.

Strengthening the immune system

Scientists have found out that cards are able to strengthen immunity. It’s about bridge, poker, blackjack and other games that require concentration, math skills and strong memory. They cause players to have an elevated level of cytoxic T-lymphocytes responsible for fighting infections. They are also called T-killers, because they destroy cells affected by various parasites.

Recreational activity

At least two studies confirmed that card games help to return to normal life for patients treated for alcoholism and drug addiction. They have a lower level of cortisol in the blood, which reduces stress and improves mood.

That’s why many recreational centers offer bridge, a picle and a yuker to their wards. Of course, in these institutions, card games are not allowed for money, because former alcoholics or drug addicts may become a victim of another addiction – ludomania.

Reducing Stress

In elderly people there is an elevated level of stress hormones. Since the body does not cope with them, they lead to the development of hypertension, weaken the immune system and cause depression. Card games in a pleasant company relax, reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

Fighting loneliness

Many elderly people feel lonely. This problem is particularly relevant for the elderly, who lost their husbands or husbands in their declining years. Adult children live their own lives. The colleague on work is not present more. Neighbors do not always turn out to be pleasant people. Many friends went to a different world. In this situation, it is easy to fall into depression.

Collective card games help to make new friends and dispel angst. It does not really matter where to play: in a club for people of advanced age, in their own kitchen or somewhere else. The main thing is that such entertainment helps to cope with loneliness.