“Chicken slots strategy” – Slot machine strategy

In this article, we’ll talk about a strategy that its creators called the “Chicken Strategy”.

Have you ever watched the chickens running around the yard in search of something tasty? The behavior of a casino client playing on this system is similar to how a chicken behaves. He also moves from an automaton to an automaton, trying to find the one on which luck will smile upon him. The essence of this strategy lies in the fact that the client should not play on the same slot several times in a row in a single gaming session. In addition, it can be combined with other betting systems, which makes it particularly attractive.



Step by step

First of all, the player must determine the amount that he is willing to allocate for this call. Then it must be divided equally by the number of slots on which it is going to play. For example, he has one hundred dollars, and he wants to try his luck on ten machines. Consequently, on each of them he can spend no more than ten dollars.

After that, he can proceed to action. During the game on a single slot is allowed to use any other betting system. The main thing is not to lose more than the allotted amount and not to stay longer than planned. In particular, you can determine the size of the bet and the number of spins, based on the allocated amount, play them and move on.

It is important to remember on which machine the client has already played, and not to return to it that day. If there are a lot of them, you can even take written notes. It does not matter whether he won or lost at some slot – he should neither sit down at him again, change the rate, nor vary the number of spins in the process.

When a player performs everything he has planned, he can either leave the casino, or calculate it all over again, taking into account the amount on hand. This approach makes it possible to play more disciplined, not staying too long on one slot. It eliminates the possibility of a quick loss and allows you to spend a pleasant evening.

You can play the Chicken system in real and online casinos. In the second case, it is even more convenient to follow, since no one bothers to keep the necessary records, and there is no need to really run around the entire hall.



Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of this technique is that it does not set hard limits and is easy to adapt to real conditions. You can easily combine it with other betting systems and game strategies.

It also helps control the flow of finances and not get carried away over the top.

The minus is the same: “Chicken” is not able to guarantee a win. This is just an approach to the organization of the overall gameplay.

Conclusion. Once again we remind that slot playing systems do not affect the mathematical superiority of the institution in the slot machines. In other words, with their help it is impossible to beat the device.