Math of slot machines

Let’s start with the main thing. All slot machines are machines designed to make casinos earn money. In fact, it is some kind of analog entertainment entertainment, only the payment for their use is charged not by the hour, but in a somewhat more complicated way.


Video slots are designed in such a way as to return players a certain portion of the bets that they make. More precisely, they say, they retain a certain percentage of the total amount, returning the rest in the form of payments.

If we talk about modern slot machines online casinos, then the theoretical return is laid in them by the manufacturer during the development of software. It can fluctuate in a very significant range. The best models give more than 98%, and the least profitable ones can return even less than 90%. (In the newest devices this indicator is most often in the range of 94% – 97.5%.)

It is important to understand that this indicator manifests itself on a long stretch of the game. Otherwise there would be no sense in making bets with real money, because the result would have been predetermined in advance. The longer the game is in the video slot, the closer its winnings to the planned result.


Process Features

All online slot machines use a random number generator, due to which the result of each lottery is unpredictable. In fact, it operates on the basis of a very algorithm, so the word “random” in this case is not entirely true, but in practice it is not possible to decipher the principles of its operation in practice (in any case, if we talk about models of well-known manufacturers).

In the process of the game it looks like this. When you press the Spin button, the RNG selects combinations of numbers, followed by those or other characters that appear on the screen. That is, if in the mechanical slot machines the drums with pictures actually rotated, here they actually are not. They are simply displayed on the screen to create a realistic picture. In a modern game with five reels there can be several tens of millions of possible schemes for the arrangement of pictures.

It is not possible to calculate the theoretical return of an online video slot on its own, therefore it remains only to rely on official data from the manufacturer and tests conducted by independent experts.

Game reel of the slot machine "Terracotta Wilds"

What to look for?

Of course, when choosing a slot machine for playing at real rates, try to always specify the level of theoretical return. Also study the table of coefficients. If only one or two combinations are paid at high rates, and the rest have very low multipliers, most likely, you will need a more solid bankroll, because the probability of a long black band is high. The same can be said for models with a small number of lines and a small selection of different functions. Also take into account the range of rates.

When playing a video slot, do not turn the process into a routine. For example, it’s better to abandon the automatic betting mode. It accelerates the game, which helps the casino to withdraw money from you faster (do not forget about the mathematical advantage inherent in all machines). Give up accelerated spins for the same reason.

If a memory jackpot is played in the model, you can probably get it by playing only the maximum number of coins. If you can not afford it, choose another video slot.

Gambling machines are one of the simplest types of gambling. They do not require special skills and abilities. You only need to choose the most profitable and interesting model, using our tips, and enjoy the process. In fact, everything else that can concern the device of video slots, does not represent a special importance for casino customers and can be interesting only to particularly inquisitive users. But it is unlikely that this knowledge will help them play more successfully.