Modern technologies in the casino security service (Part II)

…The latest cameras, huge databases, recognition of faces and numbers, chips with chips – all this complicates the life of fraudsters and allows you to more effectively manage the casino.

So, let’s start by looking at other casino security systems.


TableEye21  System

This is a computer program that combines several technologies and represents a whole range of very useful tools. It works as follows:

– The camera constantly removes the gameplay at the table;

– The system analyzes the data obtained from the video;

– It also takes into account information about the movement of chips with RFID-chips;

– The program collects complete statistical data on the table: customer results, working hours of dealers and so on.



Such an approach makes it possible to identify potential card counters, detect cheats, prevent possible cooperation of scammers with the croupier, and perform a host of other actions.


NORA System

This memorable abbreviation, which associates with the female name, means Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness. It is a huge database that stores detailed information about the so-called “stakeholders”:

– Dealers, pit bosses, managers;

– Previously caught cheaters;

– Exposed card counters;

– Regular customers;

– Former casino security officers and so on.

All people who are somehow connected with the gambling business get into it. But this isn’t just a huge array of data. The system automatically tracks possible connections between people entered into the database.

For example, it can be used to find out that many years ago a croupier studied at the same university course with a client who won a decent amount. Naturally, this information can’t but interest the casino management.



“Angel Eye”

In the casinos, where baccarat is very popular, casino operators are constantly confronted with a common cheating method – the exchange of cards between boxes. This trick is effective in establishments where customers are allowed to touch the cards and turn them on their own.

Developers of equipment for the gambling business have created an effective method to combat this fraudulent reception. The system is called the “Angel Eye”.


It operates on the following principle:

– Barcodes are applied to cards with colorless ink;

– Dealer “shoe” is equipped with a scanner;

– The sensor reads the codes while the croupier deals the cards from the “shoe”;

– Information is transmitted to the computer;

– The Angel Eye system keeps track of which client should have all the cards dealt;

– Information is transmitted to the computer;

– If they are in other positions, security officials will receive a signal. They watch video surveillance recordings and check what happened.

This technology is also useful in blackjack with several decks laid in the “shoe”. It helps to deal with dealer mistakes and various actions of scammers.


Of course, the introduction of new technologies does not relieve the owners of gambling establishments from the need to carefully select qualified managers, cameramen and security personnel.