Modern technologies in the casino security service

The reality in modern gambling is different. The owners of the largest casinos for a long time do not rely solely on the professionalism of the dealer and the keen eyes of the guys on the other side of the cameras. They use the latest technology, which significantly complicates the lives of rogues, card counters, and even professionals, for whom gambling has become a job. Having calculated an unwanted visitor, they either point him at the door or hand over to justice.


Biometric facial recognition

Some casinos are already using technology to recognize the faces of visitors captured by surveillance cameras. For this industry, this technique is new, but the operators claim that it meets expectations.

In its simplest form, the system only scans faces and takes pictures of all clients. This format only allows you to create a directory that requires manual processing.


In a more complex version, it analyzes the results obtained and checks players against a database. If it turns out that a person resembling a blacklist representative turned out to be in the casino, then security officers will come.


RFID casino chips

The abbreviation RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. This technology is widely used in the gambling business. Casinos equip chips with RFID chips capable of transmitting programmed codes at certain radio frequencies, which makes the tokens unique and helps to pursue several goals at once:

– Fight counterfeit chips;

– Prevent other fraudulent activities with tokens;

– Watch the movement of gaming chips;

– Keep statistics and so on.

RFID chips

Even avid gambling retrogrades have no doubts about the effectiveness of this type of chips, because they have already rescued casino operators more than once. For example, in Singapore it is forbidden to take out tokens from a casino. Chips help security staff prevent players from taking chips by them.


Automatic identification of car numbers

In some casinos, the security service begins to receive information about the visitor as soon as his car drives into the parking. The parking lots are equipped with cameras equipped with license plate recognition technology.


They fix all the cars that park at the institution. The procedure is as follows:

– The camera takes a picture of the number.

– Special system recognizes letters and numbers.

– Information is transferred to the database.


If it turns out that a person from the black list has come to the casino, or a logger from the list of excluded customers, security officials will meet him at the door. This scheme isn’t able to protect against professional cheats, but it helps to deal with potentially unwanted visitors.


About other systems used by casinos, we will continue in the next article. To be continued…