Online slot machine – “Eastern Auction”



Want to change your life for the better? Then free the space around you from unnecessary things so that the flows of vital energy can circulate freely around your home. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, you can activate problem areas with the help of various symbols and talismans. In this article we will talk about what are Feng Shui figurines and how to properly place them in a home. Our new slot machine will open for you all the secrets of harmony, according to Feng Shui. Also, follow our Instagram profile for gatting more details.



One of the essential attributes of oriental culture are paper lanterns. They can be seen in Asian countries on the streets, in homes and offices. Paper lanterns are not a commonplace decoration. Like almost any Asian paraphernalia, they have a symbolic meaning.



Red lanterns symbolize wealth, prosperity and good luck. It is believed that abundance and success comes to the place where such a flashlight hangs. That is why we chose the plot of our Bonus Game with this symbol: