Online slot machine – “Golden Colosseum”



If you want to visit the great Colosseum and learn more about the traditions of the ancient Romans, just start the slot of the “Golden Colosseum” and run the reels. This gaming machine will take in the times of emperors and gladiators.

On the picture below you can see the main background of thi slot game. Most of the amphitheaters in ancient Greece were built by digging a certain area on the hillsides, but the Colosseum, having the form of an ellipse, was made of stone:



The Theme of the slot game is perfectly displayed in the slot symbols. For example, the Jackpot symbol, appearing on three central disks, is depicted as a powerful emperor. Also on the gameplay there are elements with a chariot, swords, a wreath, a bowl, swords, a coin and a gladiator. Their spectacular drawing won’t leave you indifferent:

Golden_Colosseum_high_symbols Golden_Colosseum_mid-symbols Golden_Colosseum_low_symbols



Below, you can see complete animation process of all game symbols for this slot game. They look amazing:


Golden-Colosseum_JACKPOT Golden-Colosseum_WILD Golden-Colosseum_SCATTER Golden-Colosseum_Coliseum Golden-Colosseum_gladiator Golden-Colosseum_lion Golden-Colosseum_discus_throwerGolden-Colosseum_gold_caesar Golden-Colosseum_sword