Online slot machine – “Secrets of Agrabah”

Secrets of Agrabah - reels

Aladdin is a truly amazing slot machine that is completely unlike the others. From the very first seconds of loading, you understand that you are in the magical world of Agrab – the city of the main character – Aladdin. The game has very spectacular animations, sound design, unique and sophisticated characters, but its main feature is the presence of the plot.

Secrets of Agrabah - background


Bright and fabulous design is the main advantage of the Aladdin machine, which will take you to an amazing and magical world. It also boasts convenient and intuitive controls, so the machine is suitable not only for experienced players, but also for beginners. Actually, the design corresponds to the plot.

Secrets of Agrabah - symbols

Make a bet. Click on the lamp. It is she who serves as the “Start” button. Once you do this, the reels will begin to spin. When they stop, and there will be two identical symbols on the line, you will win and receive a reward in the amount corresponding to the nominal value of your bet and the coefficient of the dropped symbols.





Don’t forget that your main goal is Princess Jasmine. And if this symbol falls out in the amount of three, four or five pieces, then a super bonus will be activated and you will receive 10, 15 or 20 free spins. Of course, this promises you a good reward. However, this bonus is by no means the only one. Our new online slot is rich in various additional bonus games.

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Secrets of Agrabah - paytable-3

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