Online slot machine – “World of Dwarfs”

World of Dwarfs_Reels

In the 50s of the last century, three books about the adventures of little men were published in different parts of the world, which marked the beginning of the popularity of this topic, and not only for kids, but also for adults.

This slot machine will allow you to travel to a fabulous atmosphere, and plunge into the life of these little creatures.

World of Dwarfs_symbols

The story of small people who live next to us, borrowing things a little bit. Their existence is kept secret.  The main background of this online slot game was chosen a beautiful, calm meadow, shining with plants and with a river in the middle.

World of Dwarfs_Background


Remarkably drawn details, simple rules of the game, unique spirit of a fairy tale – this is what, apart from prize winnings and bonus games, spinning reels promise.

World of Dwarfs_paytable-1

The paytables will help you to navigate with the functionality of the symbols, as well as with winning odds. Using this table, the player can easily define the value of symbols and the amount of winnings if they match.

World of Dwarfs_paytable-2

World of Dwarfs_paytable-3

World of Dwarfs_paytable-4

The next  screen is a Pop-Up, giving information to the player of the Winnings from the process of the Game:

World of Dwarfs_Pop-up