Slot game strategies

“Basic Strategy” is an attempt to increase the expectation of a particular event. For example, in some games, the expectation may be affected by changing the size of the bet in a certain way. In this case, any betting algorithm implies that you must take into account the results of previous rounds. However, in slot machines, the spins are completely independent and in no way connected with each other, respectively, there is no point in building a game strategy based on the betting algorithm. Therefore, the basic strategy for playing slots doesn’t work.

Given that no one betting system can change the casino’s advantage embedded in slot machines, there is still a definite meaning in slot machine play systems. Slots game systems can be useful for time control and bankroll, they streamline the gameplay and this can really help the player improve their chances of winning.



Martingale Strategy

Theoretically, this method can be applied in any game in which there are bets. The essence of the method lies in the fact that if the player has failed and lost the bet, then the next bet does twice as much. And so on. A series of failures will necessarily be interrupted, after one or several rounds of the game there will certainly be a gain, which will cover losses from previous bets and bring money. This strategy is based on the theory of probability – with each subsequent bet the probability of winning increases. This technique is suitable for those who have a deposit size that can withstand significant expenses when playing in a casino for money.


Anti-Martingale Strategy

All as in the previous strategy is exactly the opposite. The rate should be reduced by 2 times after losing, and after winning – to increase by 2 times. Someone this trick seems illogical. Many were faced with the fact that the game slots after the win give a series of losing combinations. But the opposite is also true – a series of several winning combinations in a row happens. You can try this strategy in action on slot machines for a start in a free demo mode.



Naked Pull Strategy

The essence of Naked Pull’s strategy is to constantly make equal bets. This allows you to clearly control the amount spent. If you determine in advance the number of rounds of the game, the strategy will limit losses and will not allow you to spend too much.


Strategy “One game”

This type of strategy involves getting winnings from the first bet. A further game is played on the resulting winnings. Your initial deposit is safe and sound in your pocket. In case of failure with the first bet, the player proceeds to the next slot machine and proceeds in the same way. In this strategy, you need to determine in advance the amount that the player is willing to risk.



Zigzag Strategy

This strategy involves the simultaneous play on multiple game slots. Thus, the player increases the chances of winning. In addition, this strategy helps to determine the most generous automaton with the highest percentage of remuneration.