Slot machine “Route 66”


We present to your attention our new project – online slot game “Route 66”

This online slot machine is designed by our designers for fans of car enthusiasts and fans of the mid-twentieth century. As we can see from the title, the theme of the slot is directly related to the “Mother of American roads”. All detailed information and graphic elements of this slot machine are provided at the – http://artforgame.com/route-66/.



If you are going on a retro trip around the US or want to enjoy the wide horizons away from people, Highway 66 is what you need. Along the winding roads you will see some of the most striking sights of the United States – the Great Canyon, the Mississippi River, the Painted Desert in Arizona, Petrified Forest National Park, and at the end – the Pacific beaches of sunny southern California.

Other highlights of Highway 66 are: ancient museums full of amazing wonders, soda-water kiosks in the spirit of Norman Rockwell, family-owned eateries, gas stations that have fallen from James Dean movies, ghost towns on the edge of the desert.



Route 66 will open your eyes. Forget the preconceived notion of provincial American life, enjoy the pleasure of changing places.

Illinois farmers and “Country & Western” Stars in Missouri. Legends of cowboys and indians in Oklahoma. Native American tribes and modern Indian settlements in the southwest. Traditions of the ancestral peoples of the USA. Then follow in the footsteps of miners and daredevils – into the very heart of the Old West.


Drive on Route 66 these days?

Oh, you need to be an amateur detective))). Historical reconstructions of the route, dead ends in the farm fields, the path through the overgrown desert, broken pavement – the fee for the journey. At times you will inevitably stray from the course. But it does not matter: what the road will give you is extremely valuable a leap into the past to see what America was before and what it sometimes remains now. Nostalgia has never been so sweet.