Slot machine RTP

RTP Slots: Definition and Numeric Expression


Typically, return to player is expressed as a percentage and is calculated using a simple formula:

RTP = Win rate / Bet rate * 100%.

The opposite indicator to RTP is House Advantage – a casino advantage. It is also calculated using a simple formula:

House Advantage = 100% – RTP



What are the RTP values

All casinos operating under a license are required to use only slot machines with the RTP size required by the legislation of the country in which the gambling establishment or website operates.

The size of the return of virtual slots varies between 90% and 98%, but in recent years there has been a tendency to increase this indicator. Large developers rarely create games with RTP below 95%. Developers prefer to give more opportunities to gambling people, and this strategy pays off by the fact that players become more loyal to online casinos. They prefer to bet more often, as they are sure that most of them will return.


How is the RTP of a slot machine laid

The value of the RTP slot is embedded in the software of both slot machines in a real casino and virtual slots. For real machines, special chips are created that contain a program for the entire game, a random number generator algorithm and RTP parameters. The chip is programmed once and passes the test. If the test is successful, the chip is mounted in the machine and sealed. As for virtual casino games, the percentage of return is also part of the program code created by the developer. When development is complete, the claimed RTP is checked by the regulator. Only after its successful passage a license is issued, the slot goes on sale and is placed on licensed playgrounds.



Can a casino change RTP slots

This question worries all gambling players very much, and the answer to it is always the same: the casino cannot change RTP, its value remains the same throughout the entire operation time of the slot machine. This applies to real and virtual casinos, but only those whose activities are licensed.

As we said above, a real slot receives a chip with hard-wired RTP. To change it, you need to remove the seal, remove the chip, use specialized equipment and software to perform a flashing. Such a procedure is performed only when the machine needs to be repaired or the time has come for another check. On the machine itself, there are no special buttons or connectors that somehow allow you to access the operation algorithm.

With online casinos and online games, the situation is somewhat different. The licensed casino is also unable to access the return to player settings. Virtual casino is essentially a convenient platform that provides access to slots, conducts financial transactions, organizes tournaments and other entertainments for its users. And all game transactions occur exclusively on the servers of the developer company.