“Wild” symbol of the slot machines

Objects rotating on the reels of slot machines consists of basic and high symbols. Among them, the Wild symbol is endowed with special functions. This is a “wild card”, the main purpose of which is to replace other images.

Golden-Colosseum_WILD  Chest-of-fortunes_wild Lucky-Shores_anim_wild


How the Wild symbol works in video slots


Depending on the game mechanics and the characteristics of the slot machine, the Wild symbol can perform the following functions:

  1. Replacing other images. Prize combinations of slots are formed from two and three identical pictures. If one image is missing, Wild becomes a card that will save you from losing.
  2. Increase rate ratio. In some slots, the appearance of a wild card means an extra multiplier. Gambler will receive a winning combination with a minimum number of characters and will work twice.
  3. Stacking in a bonus tour. As part of the free spins round, a wild card will help you get a win for each spin. A symbol can generate additional multipliers and stack several spins forward on a single column. In this case, Wild remains fixed in one place.


In some slots, wilds and scatters can interact with each other, open the way to additional bonus rounds, including increasing payments several times. Scatter symbol is another bonus symbol that allows you to receive a reward regardless of your position on the slot reels and often serves to trigger free spins.


Where to learn the symbols of slot machines

The main source of information about any game is the paytable. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with it before the game. The help menu of each slot machine provides information on basic symbols, additional images and winning combinations. Substitution of near cards. Another bonus option is the extension to neighboring cells. Due to this, the user receives several wild symbols at a time, which already guarantees a win.