Gold Fruit

Today we have prepared for you not quite standard design development of the online slot machine, and all this because this time we have decided to create a combination of several graphic styles in one project. As you can see, this method crowned with success from our side, and the appearance of a slot machine looks great. There were developed several versions of the background images in vector format, which are rich of summer harmony and the feeling of serenity and carelessness. All objects depicted on them are just increase the desire to quickly take the long-awaited vacation and take a trip to one of the paradises of the planet. Game symbols are presented as in the final version, as well as in the intermediate sketched versions, so you can evaluate the process of drawing each of them. Interface of the slot machine is attractive and equipped with all the necessary elements of navigation and control, numerical indicators of payments, as well as fields for numerical values. Of course, it wasn’t without the bonus game for which we have developed an individual screen. Here you can increase your winnings by spinning the gaming wheel. The numerical values at its sectors will inform you about the amount of a possible bonus.


Presenting your attention the fruit concept set of symbols for the game slot machine “Gold Fruit”. Here you will find a complete set of sketches that were used to create game symbols and appreciate their similarities and differences with the final version, which you can appreciate below.

Here are the final versions of the game symbols from the category of “Regular”, specifically designed for the game slot machine “Gold Fruit”. Feel the energy of the sun and enjoy the juicy and appetizing view of our fruit, because their mellow appearance is so attractive that we want to take a bite.


Here are the final versions of the game symbols from the category of “Low”, that are made in the form of uppercase letters of card suits. Their design emphasizes thematic belonging to a slot machine game, but brings a small amount of points to a player, which can be increased only with the simultaneous obtaining of several identical symbols during a single spin of the reels.


Here is graphic design of the main background image for the slot machine “Gold Fruit”. Paradise pleasure is now available in vector format and for this you don’t need to buy expensive tickets. The snow-white sand and noise of azure sea will carry you away to searching of new adventures.


Development of additional background image for the game slot machine “Gold Fruit”. What could be better than complete privacy from the worldly vanity and a search for yourself in the harmonious conditions of stay in the open arms of nature. Now you have an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscapes on the terrace of your bamboo hut.

Gold_Fruits_bonus _g

An additional screen of the bonus game which becomes available to you immediately after the obtaining of a special winning combination. You can rotate the wheel of fortune at the basic rate or you can increase it and try your luck. The number of free spins can increased by the obtaining of special symbols on the game wheel’s sectors.


During the design of the game wheel for the bonus game we had to draw a number of preliminary versions, but the most successful of them we have decided to publish as examples of the work of our concept artists. The differences were not significant but the latest version was the basis for the development of the final Wheel of Fortune.

Presenting your attention the final version of the gaming Wheel of fortune in the original resolution, so you can appreciate the quality and detail drawing of all graphic elements and components. Sectors are paved with decorative tiles and framed in bamboo frames, and the center of the wheel is decorated with a prize cocktail that the winner will get.


Separately we would like to present the navigation bar to control the game process of the slot machine “Gold Fruit”. Here you can find already known fields for bets, its buttons to increase or decrease a bet, the fields to select the number of lines, fields of information about your win and the maximum bet, as well as the main button to start the gaming reels.