Here is the final version of of the thematic background image for the game lobby. Here you can see the interior of one of the halls of the casino, where each item of fits perfectly into the overall ambiance. Design of architecture is made mainly in the middle eastern style and the slot machines, gaming tables and roulette were delivered directly from amazing and unique Las Vegas. Few minutes left to the opening, so hurry up to win!

Slot machine background

Themes can be absolutely different, including holidays, and that’s why we decided to show you one of our works devoted to Halloween. This background image combines several moods – the sinister and the funny. The shining of pale moon gradually turns into warm colors of paints, where bright light of fires from pumpkins covers the whole territory of the settlement. On the railing of the bridge you are greeted by a charming cat, inviting to look at the light.


This illustration was designed as a splash screen for the game application “Bingo”. Here you can see the game balls, each of which may be lucky for its owner, and the volume inscription is the most desirable moment for any player. Before the game starts, each participant gets a certain number of cards, each of which depicts a unique set of numbers. If numbers painted by you matched with the winning numbers in the lotto, you win!


The countryside and its wonderful air are always drunk newcomers guests from the bustling cities, so we have developed a thematic illustration for the splash screen in this style. Here you can enjoy the scent of meadow plants and hear the birds singing, which drowned out the roar of car engines, but don’t expect to relax completely, because if you want to earn money here, then you’ll have to comprehend all the details and features of rural life.


For the adventurous there is a very interesting quest. You have to go in the place where the trail of rainbow ends and there you will find a leprechaun. If you’re lucky and you will be able to catch this little merry fellow, you can ask him to show where he hid the pot of gold. However, you need to be always on the alert and do not let him out of your sight, because all leprechauns are cunning and resourceful, so in the pursuit of wealth, you run the risk of being left without nothing.

Fabulous place where most of the wishes are coming true is placed in the heart of unique Las Vegas. Here you will find many different entertainment events where you will be able to sensibly spend your modest savings and become one step closer to the richest people of the planet. Many people come here to find the goal, to hit the jackpot or just to break away from the daily hustle and bustle, but they go away with completely different feeling. Stay yourself and you’ll be sure to get lucky.


The calming atmosphere and endless fields of blooming sakura will give you an indescribable feeling of harmony and unity with yourself. For the extremals here available a chance to test their skills on the ascent to the top of the mountain, where you can uncork a bottle of the best champagne and celebrate your victory by breathing pure mountain air. For those who like more relaxing holiday we offer to walk through the picturesque meadows and plunge into an invigorating source of the crystal water.


Graphic design of a boot screen for slot machine. Here you have to penetrate into the possession of the master and to find out the secrets of opportunities about the increasing the capital by legal means. As befits of rich citizens, this inhabitant has paranoia so don’t rely on the fact that you’ll easy get everything. The mansion is filled with a bunch of hidden traps from unwanted guests and the entrance is guarded by venerable dogs. Be careful and attentively look at your feet.


Paradise pleasure may be much closer than you think, and for this you do not have to overcome many miles. We have designed an exclusive background image for the slot machine, where you can find everything you need to pleasantly spend your time at the pool. Stretch out at full length on a comfortable sun lounger while drinking a tropical cocktail and feel a state of complete relaxation by the gentle sound of the surf and the rustling of tropical plants.


It’s time to restore order and show everyone that the law is above all. The development of the splash screen for the game slot machine has collected in itself all the necessary attributes of the Wild West, so you can feel like the most important figure in this county. Explore map of the area with all details as well as dossiers on different offenders, to make the sheriff’s star not just hangs on your chest, but embodies the true values of heroism and justice. Do not let dampen the cartridges in your devoted Colt.


Underwater world hides not only a lot of beautiful and unknown, but also a lot of different secrets about which most residents of overwater world don’t even imagine. Obtain all the necessary equipment for a detailed explore of the ocean depths and dive bravely. You’re being waited by really amazing environment underwater inhabitants, but you can randomly stumble upon undiscovered treasures or sunken vessels. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can see today.


What could be better in the New Year’s holidays and especially when the atmosphere favors to funny follies. Don’t waste your time and take a part in all of entertainment events, while the ground is still covered with a fluffy layer of white snow. Pay attention to the pleased faces of penguins that are rushing down the steep hill. These kids are experts in extreme entertainments. Will you risk to repeat their tricks? Don’t waste your time until the snow melted.


Graphic design of a splash screen for mobile gaming application made in the sports theme. You have to take control the basketball team, organize frequent briefings and conduct for them grueling training to eventually lead your team to deserved victory and to win the University Cup. Your mascot will be a nimble badger, which can not only dance and shout slogans, but also perform a variety of slam dunks and alley-oops.