The best time to play in a Сasino

When is the best time to play at an online casino

How to determine the best time to play in online casinos? Just note: Next, we will talk about honest casinos and licensed software certified by independent auditors.
This refers to decent operators that do not offer fake slots and do not interfere with the operation of random number generators. If you run the risk of playing in questionable online casinos, you act at your own risk. Who knows what frauds with software are launched by their owners.

Casino timing factors

Let’s highlight the aspects that should (or should not) be taken into account when choosing the most profitable time to play for real money in an online casino.



Some promotions are held in online casinos at certain times. If they really give at least a slight advantage, they are worth using. Consider the options found in online gambling:

– Seasonal promotions – It can be New Year’s lotteries, prizes in honor of the anniversary of the site, promotions for “Black Friday” and others. In such periods, playing in a casino is more profitable.

– Regular promotions – They mean reload bonuses on certain days of the week, no deposits, an increased number of loyalty program components, a growing cashback and the like. If they are offered on an ongoing basis, of course, at this time it may be more profitable to play for real money in online casinos.

– Free birthday bonus – If the institution gives the customer a no deposit for this reason, they should use it. It’s not a fact that you will be able to win back the bonus, but you do not risk anything. Of course, this is a good time to play on slots or other games.

Free tournaments

Tournaments without entry fees suit many online casinos. This is a tempting offer, but not all such events are truly beneficial to the client. But overall, free online casino tournaments are really profitable. Just do not forget to carefully read the rules and weigh the pros and cons.


Number of players

Many fans of online gambling believe that with a large influx of customers online casinos can reduce the theoretical return on slots or in other ways reduce the chances of players to win. The largest developers of software for online gambling do not allow website owners to change RTP indicators in slot machines. Accordingly, the number of active players should hardly be taken into account when choosing the best time to visit the casino.

What is the result?

At the end of the article, we summarize the above information about the best time to play for money in a casino.

– Decent online casino operators do not change the RTP in the slots depending on the number of customers, time of day or season.

– However, remember that some slot machines are indeed presented in versions with different theoretical return options. Moreover, the range can be quite wide.

– The number of active players does not affect your chances of winning, but there may be exceptions in cases with some jackpots or in tournaments.

– The random number generator does not have memory, and the license slots do not have programmed winning and losing cycles.

– Casino promotions can indeed make certain periods more profitable for playing for real money.