Online slot machine – “Golden China”

Chinese Themed online slot game


In our new online slot game, we’re talking about the culture and characteristics of the traditions of China. The user will plunge into the atmosphere of this country, enjoy its unusually beautiful and attractive nature, as well as get incredible pleasure from high-quality gameplay. A Confucian Temple as the basis of religious traditions 🏯🏯🏯⁠


Thanks to its easy-to-understand gameplay and beautiful animated design, the Golden China online slot machine attracts and unconsciously favors the effect of presence.


This slot machine will appeal to fans of Asian Themed slots, which differ in their harmonious design and interesting plot.


The slot game is dominated by bright colors, and there is also an animated effect, thanks to which it becomes more fun to play. It should be noted that the style of the slot is also expressed by game symbols, which exactly corresponds to thematic ideas. The user will be able to learn the features of the architecture of Chinese temples, the painted skill of lanterns. It is also necessary to note the thematic musical arrangement, so the game for the user will seem whole and exciting.



Familiarization with the functions of the slot machine begin with a simple – control panel. First of all, the player must open the PAYS tab, where there is all the information he needs to conduct a high-quality and profitable game. This section displays the payout table, according to which the reward for creating combinations is calculated, contains a description of all kinds of additional rounds, and also reveals the structure of active lines. After that, the user should start fixing the optimal rates for him, which is done using the BET function.