Fruit WinWin

Welcome to the introductory section with all the features of the creation the game slot machine “Fruit win-win”. Initially we’ve developed a unique brand logo with a combination of fruits and letters to give freshness and custom appearance. Then we started to design the concept of game symbols, choosing the appropriate shapes and positions. The game interface is equipped with all the necessary elements of navigation and control, numerical indicators of payments, as well as fields for numerical values. You can make bets, double them or choose the most available bets to make your win even more. The choice of quantity lines is also available to you. And you chances to win depends on increasing these lines. For luckies here is a bonus game in which you have to beat the dealer, but everything will depend entirely on your level of luck, because according to the rules of the game wins the one who has more higher card. There is also available a special table of rules and benefits, thanks to which you’ll be informed about, what quantity and variety of game symbols will bring you the greatest gain. Thank you for watching!

Symbols of the game slot machine "Fruit WinWin"


Presenting your attention the concept set of symbols for the game slot machine “Fruit WinWin”. Here you will find a complete set of sketches that were used to create game symbols and appreciate their similarities and differences with the final version, which you can appreciate below.


Here is the final versions of thematic symbols for the game slot machine “Fruit WinWin”, made in the form of stickers and represented in a vector style. Appreciate the quality of performance and the details of each of them and compare their similarities and differences with the preliminary concepts.


Here is a pop-up screen with a bonus game for slot machine “Fruit WinWin”, where you have to beat the dealer’s card. The rules of this game are very simple: the winner is the one who has the higher card regardless of suit. You can choose any card from the proposed on the screen, but the prize depends only on your luck.


This pop-up screen is a payout table in which you can see the number of winning points on certain game symbols. Below you can see the winning combinations of symbols in the form of colored lines that will help you to navigate more quickly in the gameplay.


As an essential aspect of control the process of the game slot machine “Fruit WinWin”, we decided to separately show the navigation bar. Here you can find the fields for betts, places for the lines, the fields of information about your current win and the maximum bet, as well as the main button to start the game.