Modern technologies in the casino security service

In crime films about casinos, Pit bosses and security officers calculate cheats using video cameras and their many years of experience. Then the fraudsters are taken to the back rooms, where explanatory conversations are held with them.

The reality in modern gambling is different. The owners of the largest casinos for a long time do not rely solely on the professionalism of the dealer and the keen eyes of the guys on the other side of the cameras. They use the latest technology, which significantly complicates the lives of rogues, card counters, and even professionals, for whom gambling has become a job. Having calculated an unwanted visitor, they either point him at the door or hand over to justice.

Read further about the most effective systems with the help of which in the best casinos of the world they struggle with swindlers and advancers.


Online slot game – “Greek Goddesses”

Ancient Hellas …

The country of myths and legends, the land of fearless heroes and brave navigators. Homeland of the fearsome gods, seated on high Olympus. Zeus, Ares, Apollo, Poseidon – these names are familiar to everyone from school history lessons.

Today we’ll talk about their wives and daughters – the all-powerful ancient goddesses of Greece, who deftly manipulated their husbands, being the real mistresses of Olympus and the masters of mortals.


The most gambling countries and peoples

In which country do people most often play in casinos?

Which nationals are more interested in sports betting?

Where do poker really like? Who loves the lottery?

What people in general can be called the most reckless in the World?


Slot machine “Route 66”

We present to your attention our new project – online slot game “Route 66”.

This slot is designed by our designers for fans of car enthusiasts and fans of the mid-twentieth century. As we can see from the title, the theme of the slot is directly related to the “Mother of American roads”.


“Chicken slots strategy” – Slot machine strategy

Among the many fans of slot machines, there are quite a few users who refuse to rely solely on luck. They invent various strategies, systems, and techniques that they think can help achieve a positive result. The advantage of the casino, embedded in the slots, honestly impossible. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to consider some systems, because they bring variety to the monotonous process of the game and make it more exciting. In addition, many clients need a deterrent, otherwise they risk quickly parting with the entire bankroll.


Can card games be useful for health?

Numerous books, websites and publications in the media are devoted to the disadvantages and negative consequences of gambling. On the causes of the emergence of gambling dependence, methods of countering it and other related issues is told everywhere.In addition, in the view of the inhabitants of the world of gambling is closely associated with criminality, various types of crime, debauchery and other vicious activities.