Cryptocurrency in Gambling

The world of virtual casinos has always been open to new technologies. Today, many sites of this kind accept Bitcoin as payment. The growth of cryptocurrency clearly tells us that soon bitcoin, and with it other digital currencies, will become one of the most common payment methods in online casinos.

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency in electronic form. A completely new currency that appeared relatively recently, but has already gained popularity all over the world.


Scratch cards in Casino

The idea of creating lottery tickets using scratch cards was innovative as this idea offered a draw with a quick payout. Also one of the first scratch card lotteries in America was called “instant play”. This concept became the basis of many international and local lotteries, which offered people their similar prizes.

AstroMed Inc. patented the scratch card idea in 1987. This was a significant year in their future development and popularization in all countries. Also, scratch cards have been used in various industries, such as advertising, charity etc., not only in lotteries or receiving winnings. Today, scratch cards are used for various services.

Nowadays, these lottery tickets are popular with many people. But with the advent of the 21st century, scratch card lottery tickets have become less in demand than before.


How to win money in Online Casino

For centuries, casinos have been one of the most popular places where people indulge in entertainment, leave money and at the same time can get rich overnight. Today gambling has migrated from real places to virtual space and the army of online gambling fans is constantly growing. A huge number of gambling sites offer many opportunities for gamblers.


Features of bets in Roulette

Roulette is an indispensable attribute of any casino, which allows you to both win incredible amounts and completely go broke. To avoid the latter and not be left without profit, many betting strategies for playing roulette have been developed. Mathematicians had a hand to some of them, in others were developed and formulated by experienced players, but they all have one thing in common – with their help it is impossible to immediately hit the jackpot. Also, none of them protects one hundred percent against loss, since the result of all gambling depends on luck. All experienced players, as one, declare: “The win-win roulette strategy is not to play at all.” But this does not prevent them from taking risks again and again and, oddly enough, winning.


Online slot machine – “Navy”


Welcome! This time we would like to introduce you to the process of developing graphic materials and illustrations for the slot machine “Navy”.

This slot machine is the last of three slot machines that represent a collection of “Enter the Force” sets of various directions.

This time you will witness the formidable power and great capabilities of the navy, as well as will see all the thematic objects presented in the kit.


Online slot machine – “Camptown Cash”


We welcome you in introduction section, which is dedicated to the development of graphic materials and illustrations for the online slot machine “Camptown cash”

This online slot machine covers Camping Theme

In this section you will see the process of developing the game symbols, background images, characters, and also gaming reels and the table of rules and payouts.