Dear guest! We are glad to welcome you to the section of our site where you can get acquainted with the full range of our services, to learn a lot interesting about the process of creating graphics for games, and to find the answers to many questions which you’re interested. All directions of our activities, we have decided to provide in the form of informational sections, where you will find the most interesting things about the graphic design styles, concept arts, modeling and animation, as well as the development of gaming slot machines and gaming interfaces. Our studio consists of those people who like what they do, and therefore during the development of any of the project, each of them are trying to put a piece of themselves into the final implementation. Many professionals in the gaming industry are trying by any means to exalt their professional qualities, whether direct interviews or advertisements, but we have chosen a very different model for success. We don’t go in the wake of ambitions, if we don’t believe in the success of our business and therefore we provide the right to judge our products to those who appreciate quality and the ability to implement the idea into reality. If you have the desire and you want to create a project of excellent quality, our studio’s staff will be happy to help you realize even the most eccentric ideas. You can doubt, ask different questions, but if you will have enough determination, you will become our regular customer, because we are working for you!

Vector Art

Vector graphics is less difficult than raster graphics, however it has several advantages, such as small file size with a relatively simple image detailing, unlimited scaling without losing of quality, the ability to move, rotate, stretch, grouping without losing of quality, as well as to control lines thickness at any scale of images. Vector slot machines require a lot of concentration to create the necessary elements and some of our artists has a wonderful experience to create the desired objects. It can be simple images with the usual image details, and can be highly detailed illustrations in which we can fit the required number of game objects that make up the common picture and defining the whole character of work. Almost any story can be reproduced without difficulties with the help of vector graphics. Some examples of such works you can find on our website in “Works” section.


Every day you meet face to face with a variety of images, pictures, illustrations, many of which you use in your work. Some images are used as templates, some to decorate your desktop on the screen of your monitor, and some can be found only in photobanks or on sites of private companies. We develop exclusive background images on any theme, taking into account all the needs and personal preferences of our clients. The main scope of the realization of our ideas are concentrated in the gaming universe, which are often invent or specially composed for a particular purpose. The background image for the slot machines can be made in different quantities and versions, such as: St. Mark’s Square in the slot machine “Venezsia” was made in the day and night versions, and at slot machine “Azteca Gold” in day and night versions of the background were depicted as the ruins of ancient civilizations, which are entangled by wild plants.

Concept Art

Everything begins with small and any idea has to take shape before it will become the embodiment of the vision of the artist. Sketches are usually created at the initial design stage and are intended for use in different directions: from comics and cinema to computer games and virtual online entertainment. Our concept-art designers create curious drawings to a variety of exciting gaming projects, preparing a solid ground for further processing and bringing the rough sketches to high-quality illustrations and objects. A part of our concept-art are drawn by hand in pencil and for the other images we use digital technologies, by using a wide range of graphic editors. On the stage of thumbnails is always easier to change direction and to make adjustments in order to be absolutely sure of the reliability and in accordance with the requested requirements. These processes you can see in our works.


Creating characters is an integral part our kind of activity, and they are the protagonists of our gaming applications and slot machines. Characters can be completely fictitious, invented on a basis of wishes and preferences of the customer, but can also be taken from real life, though slightly modified. It can be people, animals, mythical creatures and so on. We divide the development of the characters into several types: some can be used as game symbols which are often can be found in slot machines, or in the form of icons, avatars, while others can perform a leading role in your gaming application and displayed in full size, taking into account all possible anatomical parts of their structure. Often we have to design unique characters to the game lobby, which perform their function of peculiar navigators to help a new player to quickly master in the game world and to learn its basic rules.

Logo Design

Stylized font drawing or the name itself in this style in the XX century became called as logo. Considering that most of our products differs from each other on the thematic of performance and style, we’ve begun to develop separate logos for gaming applications and slot machines. Firstly, each your project can now has its own unique logo to be different from the majority and at the same time to emphasize the chosen theme, and secondly – it will be original and expressive, which is a direct guarantee that it can be remembered to much larger audience. At the initial stages of development we design several trial sketches to determine the structure, shape and amount of details for a new logo, and then our artists will bring to brilliance the approved version. All you have to do is to contact us and you will see how many colors can be contained only in a preliminary layout.

UI Design

In addition to the game symbols, backgrounds, characters and logo, you will need one of the most important design for your future slot machine – design of the game interface. It may consist of many parts, such as the home screen with the reels for symbols, numeric indicators of payments and elements of navigation and control. Design your interface produced exclusively in a specified topic, it is equipped with the necessary number of decorative elements, while keeping an easy to understand design, which is not irritating and not saturating the overall view. Each additional element, each button will be polished with the maximum diligence and attention to details, so you can ensure in the level of quality and details of the done work. You also have the additional ability to order redesign of your existing interfaces to improve the quality and optimization, without deviating from the originally approved structure and chosen theme.


To liven up any object, each playing symbol or characters we use advanced tools for creating animation. We suggest performance of works on creation of 2D animation, where the final version of the layout is used as the necessary materials, made in vector and raster graphics as well as the implementation of works on creation of 3D animation, where 3D renders of models used as final layouts. In order to prepare some episodes of the animation we create sets of rough storyboards, to be able to provide our customers and see with their own eyes how the magic arises, and of course to define the right direction and to make additional edits and adjustments. To enhance the effect of perception we use a wide range of visualization techniques, each time coming up with something new, so you have not left a shadow of doubt that your project is unique. Now we can implement your desire even better!
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