Crazy Farmer

 We are glad to welcome you in the section of the game slot machine “Crazy farmer”, where this time you have to try yourself as a farmer. You will choose the most quality seeds of fruit trees and bushes, to grow up the most rich harvest in the district, and when the fruits will ripe, you’ll have to gather the best of them, to present them at the annual competition of farmers. Don’t spare your strength and don’t be lazy, because the reward is going to be very tempting. As an assistant you will be given a funny character in a straw hat, overalls and a thick beard. He’ll help you and will point out the best fruits which are worthy special attention, and if you will follow his advice, you’ll certainly be able to win in the competition. Each game symbol of the slot machine is endowed with its own unique animations, equipped with sound effects to give a more attractive appearance. And for those who like to thoroughly explore all possible nuances and mechanics of gameplay, we have prepared a paytable, where you can see the results of the won combinations and to develop your own strategy of the game.


Presenting your attention the concept-set of symbols for the game slot machine “Crazy Farmer”. Here you will find a complete set of sketches that were used to create game symbols and appreciate their similarities and differences with the final versions, which you can appreciate below.



Here are the final versions of thematic symbols for the game slot machine “Crazy Farmer”, made in the form of juicy fruits and presented in the raster style. Appreciate the quality of drawing and the details of each of them, and compare their similarities and differences with the preliminary concepts.



The design of the main character for the game slot machine “Crazy Farmer”. This character is also the main winning  symbol in the game process. Take a look at him and you will see the hard-working laborer for whom the harvest is not only a source of income, but also is a favorite pastime.



Here is a popup screen of the paytable for each of the gaming symbols. Here you can find the winning values for these symbols, as well as to know the number of obtained points for multiple getting of symbol of the same type. The number of displayed points is shown as informational and can be different from the final version.