Garden Cross

Each of our gaming slot machines we endow by its own history and a storyline, so the player could feel himself not just an ordinary player, but as that actor, whose role he had got. At the moment, you have to try yourself in the form of a gardener, who is carefully caring for his orchard. Many fruit trees grow at its fields; they bring delicious fruits and give shadows to tired workers. Also here you can find well known ladybugs and multicolored butterflies, but don’t relax, because there is the insidious little worms that ready at any moment to spoil your possible yield. Timely pay attention to any changes in the environment and then you’ll be able to protect your garden from the little pests. But there are enemies more terrible than worms.They are able to steal the most delicious and ripe fruits straight from the branches, and to think through any tricky maneuvers, and therefore will be useful to you the faithful partner, who has been waiting for his chance to become useful in the work. Old but trendy scarecrow is always ready to help in difficult situations and to scare the most inveterate thieves. Prove that you are the best gardener in the neighborhood and don’t let to lose nor a single fetus.


Presenting your attention the concept-set of symbols for the game slot machine “Garden Cross”. Here you will find a complete set of sketches that were used to create game symbols and appreciate their similarities and differences with the final versions, which you can appreciate below.


Here are the final versions of thematic symbols for the game slot machine “Garden Cross” made in the form of juicy fruits and funny garden insects. Appreciate the quality of drawing and the details of each of them, and compare their similarities and differences with the preliminary concepts.



Here is a popup screen of the paytable for each of the gaming symbols. Here you can find the winning values for these symbols, as well as to know the number of obtained points for multiple getting of symbol of the same type. The number of displayed points is shown as informational and can be different from the final version.