Route 66


Route 66 – called the “mother of American roads”. Its appearance has seriously affected the development of the US economic and social life. After World War II, the 66th was decided to give up. However, the highway survived thanks to the efforts of residents of cities located near the highway. Route 66 is, first of all, the fate of thousands of Americans who did not change their place of residence and stayed in small towns along this highway.



Each such city has its own association and produces souvenirs with the symbols of Route 66. Residents like to organize various events, parties, dances, concerts. These towns – living monuments of America 50-60-ies. Our designers recreated this atmosphere in their slot machine.



Route 66 has become an iconic road. This road has its own roadside culture: hundreds of gas stations, cafes, hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops! It is mentioned in many films about bikers, because every year thousands of American bikers and their foreign counterparts rush along this road, recognizing places known to them from their favorite films!



Whether you are planning a retro trip around the US or want to enjoy the wide horizons away from people, Route 66 is just what you need. Along the winding roads you will see some of the most striking sights of the United States – the Great Canyon, the Mississippi River, the Painted Desert in Arizona, Petrified Forest National Park, and at the end – the Pacific beaches of sunny southern California.



On the most popular highway in the United States have long been legends. It helped support the United States economy during its ups and downs, and was also a popular migration route from east to west during the Dust Bowl (a series of dust storms) in the 1930-s. And, despite the emergence of a new-fashioned interstate highway system, Highway 66 is still in operation.