Scratch It!

We welcome you in a main section about the development of the game slot machine “Scratch it!” Here you can see the presented illustrations, learn about the individual functions of each of them, as well as to penetrate behind the scenes of creation the materials at the earliest stages. Above you can see a theme logo that was created especially for the game slot machine, and below you can see the game interface with a table of all symbols which you can get during the game. The interface contains indicators of values such as “Bet”, “Current win”, as well as the total amount of credits available for the next game. For the convenience of players there were provided controls and helping elements, so you can at any time to read the rules of the slot machine, go to the main menu or start the game. The nature of the game of slot machine is presented as already much loved classic fruit style, where the juicy fruits are shown as game symbols. Each game symbol in addition to the standard position has also unique animation for more natural appearance during the gameplay. In any case, exactly you have to judge about the quality of execution, and we’ll be happy if you visit us.


Here are preliminary, sketchily versions of the game symbols included into structure of the game slot machine. Here you can see outlines that were used to create game symbols, as well as to appreciate their similarities and differences with final versions.


This are the final versions of the thematic symbols for the game slot machine “Scratch it!” Appreciate the quality and the details each of them and compare their similarities and differences with the preliminary concepts, which you can see above.



At this illustration you can see an evaluation version of the bonus screen where you have to work a little, using a coin as a basis tool. Erase the available fields on the screen and find valuable bonuses inside.


Here is a pop screen of the playable for each of game symbols. Here you can find the winning values for the game symbols as well as know the number of points gained for multiple obtaining of the same type of symbol. The number of displayed points is shown for informational purposes only and can be different from the final version.



Here you can see the final illustration to the boot screen. Before you start the game and make your bets, you’ll be welcomed by this screen, but your expectancy won’t take too long.


This thematic logo has been designed especially as a recognizable trademark for gaming slot machine “Scratch it!” A slight modification allows the logo to be on the most advanced gaming platforms and at the game lobbies.