Werewolf symbols - "Werewolf"

Among the many fantastic film works and dark fantasy sometimes we can meet lyrical deviations which are present by individual episodes. In them we can see a storylines of heroes, their history and the events with which they have to face in the storyline. Often we are imbued with these heroes, their images, sympathize to them and empathize, and in this case we decided to do something similar in the game thematic. Initially we had a lot of ideas and plans, but in the end we chose the closest in spirit scenario and started working on its embodiment. The classic story about a man who was from a noble family and endowed with a number of positive traits and qualities, which has to pass a series of cruel tests and to get rid of the curse imposed on him. In this moment, the player appears and begins to delve into the essence of the gameplay by getting acquainted with the game slot machine rules. We have illustrated several locations as background images, where you can explore the local landscapes and feel the atmosphere and we also prepared a set of thematic symbols, reflecting the nature and features of our design scene. Welcome!

Background for the slot machine "Werewolf"


Preliminary sketchily version of the main background image for the game slot machine “Werewolf”. This sketch was the basis for the development of a full background image, which has become the main and is used in the active interface of the slot machine. Don’t be confused with the lack of details in the sketch, looking below you can ensure in the quality of the final version.


Here is the final version of the main background image for the slot machine “Werewolf” and here you can notice the great progress in achieving a high-quality visual design compared to the pre-draft version. Carefully polished buildings, improved range of drawing, each object is naturally inscribed in the big picture.


Preliminary sketchily version of the background image for the splash screen of the slot machine. Before start exploring the the gameplay you will see a splash screen for the creation of which we have developed a draft version at an accelerated pace. The final version of the drawn illustration for the screen you can see below.


Here is the final version of additional background image which is used as an introductory screen for the slot machine “Werewolf”. Exactly from this screen begins your way across the spaces of the slot machine where you have to visit different locations, such as the Dark Forest, dangerous wastelands, and so on. Gather all necessary supplies before you go on a trip.


Here you can see the preliminary sketchily versions of thematic symbols for the slot machine “Werewolf”. We have collected all the rough package, consisting of three categories and decided to show you some similarities and differences between the sketches and final versions, which you can see below.


Presenting your attention the final versions of the symbols from “High” category. These symbols have unique properties in the gameplay and in a case of getting them they will bring great bonuses to players. They can multiply the current winnings, as well as provide an opportunity to get additional free spins that will further increase your total jackpot.


Presenting your attention the final versions of the symbols from “Regular” category. These symbols bring the usual amount of points to the players, but the simultaneous getting of several identical symbols during a single spin of the reels may increase the total number of winning points. The more identical symbols you will see on the screen, the higher the chance to get a much bigger prize.


And these are the final versions of the game symbols from the “Low” category which were made in the form of uppercase letters of card suits. Their design emphasizes thematic belonging to the slot machine and brings a little higher amount of points to players, that can be increased only with the simultaneous getting of several identical symbols during a single spin of the reels.


Here we decided to show you the animation process of some game symbols included in the game slot machine “Werewolf”. Taking part in the game process of the slot machine you will be able to see animations of not only these symbols but also those about which you can read above.

Regular symbol – Moon

High symbol – Deer

High symbol – Man

Regular symbol – Wolf