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We're glad to welcome you in our company's blog! Here we place the most fresh and interesting news, which inform about the development progress of slot machine graphics for the online casino and offline terminals, AWP terminals and VLT terminals. You can see the process of creating the slot machines from the sketches to 2D and 3D games, take a look at the stages of modeling, as well as enjoy the final version of the thematic objects and elements of our slot machine graphic. All this and much more we will present in the form of illustrations, and you will have the opportunity to express your opinion in the comments. Follow us!
June 13, 2024

Ghost Pirates

Ghost Pirates A ghost ship with a team of marauders on board, an eternal wanderer in search of new treasures. The map has been lost and the eternal wandering ghosts, led by their captain Hook, attack lost ships, plunder and spin symbols. They kill and take prisoners, combining the Black Mark signs, summon the power of the Seven Seas and Oceans to be freed from eternal life and take away the lost bonuses and free spins. You can purchase this project at our store – “Immortal” reels of «Ghost Pirates» is filled with attributes of pirate team. On wooden […]
June 6, 2024

Fortune of Sparta

Fortune of Sparta Sparta is a city in Greece located on the right bank of the Eurotas River. During antiquity, Sparta was one of the two dominant city-states of ancient Greece, along with Athens. The Greek slot «Fortune of Sparta» awaits its heroes and winners. You can purchase this project at our store – An ancient Spartan reels filled with warriors and defenders, weapons and other prize symbols. Around the metal fence decorated with ornament, as a symbol of courage and power. The sturdy and solid frame holds heavy unassailable symbols and totems of the troops. At the bottom […]
May 17, 2024

Legend of Viking

Legend of Viking   The history of conquerors and plunderers. Vikings – early medieval Scandinavian seafarers, made voyages. They were mostly nomadic Dane and Ghouta tribes living in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, who were driven out of their home countries by overpopulation and famine. The Vikings were mostly pagans. The legend about the Vikings their customs, culture and affiliation are quite decent, but at the same time there were tribes of thieves and barbarians who came, destroyed and uprooted entire villages of civilians. The thirst for glory and power ruled the minds of these peoples. Viking expansions of the conquerors, […]
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