Chocolate Cafe


Let’s go to the “Chocolate Cafe” for an unforgettable vacation and, perhaps, win a tidy sum! Delicious sweets are already jumping up and down with impatience in their packages. They are about to start appearing on the screen in a random order. The players’ task is to collect pay lines from the same symbols. This will be the sweetest victory! In addition to chocolates, players will find pieces of marmalade, marshmallows and other sweets.



There are 4 sets on the playing field. In each of them, players collect symbols that can add up to winning combinations. The screen shows that you can collect a diagonal, vertical or horizontal line to win. The sets are designed as packaging for desserts. The dark brown wrapping paper inside looks harmonious with any sweets. These “boxes” are decorated with a red gift bow and ribbon. At the top of the screen, right in the center, is a field in which random symbols appear. It is designed like a showcase of a pastry shop. Additionally, there is a paytable on the playing field showing points for each symbol. The tournament table helps players assess their progress.



There are two game backgrounds. This is a day and night version of the same hall in a pastry shop. The first background is dominated by bright juicy shades. The décor on the ceiling is stylized as white and red candy canes, the floor looks like multicolored caramel, and the windows are reminiscent of sumptuous cakes. The taste of your favorite delicacies appears in your mouth from one sight of this cafe. In the chocolate fountain, heavy sweet drops flow down in viscous waves. Colored candies are stored in huge jars on the counter. This sweet rainbow will not leave anyone indifferent! On the counter, cakes, cupcakes and other desserts are on display.



What does this cafe look like at night? Colored lighting creates an accent on candy cans and gift boxes. I wish I could buy everything here that my heart desires, and please loved ones with these sweets!



The main symbols are, of course, chocolates. They have different shapes and fillings. Some candies are made from white chocolate, some are made from black or milk. Sweets with crispy waffle filling, delicate nut praline and viscous syrup look very appetizing!



To make it easier for players to distinguish the symbols, the candies are decorated with glaze of different colors.



In addition to candies, the game has 6 symbols with classic dice. Their porous texture is reminiscent of marshmallows that can be fried over a fire.



The multi-colored cubes resemble jelly pieces or bright marmalade. They are decorated with 1 to 6 pieces of chocolate to indicate the numerical value of each cube. In addition, they are decorated with melted chocolate on top.



Cubes with Chinese hieroglyphs seem to be covered with a white viscous cream.



Additional points await players on the wheel of fortune. Sunny wheel looks like a cake on a red platter. The Spin button on it looks like a candy cane.


On the greeting screens, the game background is darkened with the nighttime design of the cafe. A bright figured plate appears with a congratulatory inscription and a counter. Nuts and cocoa fruits were used as decor. After all, natural chocolate is made from them!


In the case of Big win, decorative elements made of white chocolate are also used.



On the Total win screen, the layout is the same, but there are no white curls near the caption.



A plate in the form of a candy wrapper with a red ribbon is used for the screen with the “Mystery” inscription.