Monsters Band

The simplest and most understandable symbols for such games are numbered cubes. But why give up themed designs? We present to you the “Monsters Band” – a variant in which players try their own luck surrounded by aliens.


On the first screen, winning combinations of symbols are shown and described. Participants who try a new game for themselves for the first time will easily understand what is the point.



There are 4 cells on the playing field, in which players will collect combinations of symbols. In addition, there is an information board showing the points for each symbol and the final table. At the top, in the center of the screen, there is a window with randomly dropped symbols – each time these are three images in a certain sequence.



Game backgrounds depict fantasy worlds. In the first version of the background, outer space with planets appears in front of the players. They are absolutely not similar to the planets of the solar system we are used to. In outer space, you can see aliens in spacesuits and several powerful aircraft. The planets look scary, one of them looks like a huge monster with sharp fangs. It is even difficult to imagine what to expect from a visit here.



In the second version of the background, we see the surface of the planet and a fragment of the sky. Here, the surrounding reality looks unusual, but too frightening. You can see unusual plants that seem to be protected by spacesuits. Spaceships fly here and there, and in the sky you can see the planets with the naked eye.



The symbols for this game are fully consistent with the theme. There is a whole army of monsters in all colors and sizes. Some of them look like a revived tree stump with a single eye, sharp teeth and tentacle roots.



Other monsters do not look aggressive at all. For example, like these creatures with two heads and pincers instead of hands. You can even call them cute.



Another monster, with sharp horns and claws, looks like a cartoon character. Perhaps these are the creatures that children imagine when they draw monsters in their imaginations.



In addition, to emphasize that the events unfold in space, there are symbols with a rocket and an alien in a spacesuit.



Classic dices are also adapted to the theme of the game. Instead of the usual dots to indicate numbers, stylized craters are located on the surface of the cubes. One side of the cube burns with a bright flame.



There is also a variant with multi-colored cubes. They look unusual because of the multi-colored rings that glow around each symbol.



Another type of symbols that are in the game are traditional dice with Chinese hieroglyphs.



In addition to the main playing time, players can try their luck in one more way. You can spin the wheel and get extra points. Of course, the game wheel is also designed in the “Monsters Band” theme. Note that a sharp claw is used instead of an arrow.



The background of the game is darkened on the greeting screens. A vivid image of the spaceship appears. On its background, players see the inscription “Big win”, “Total win”, “Mystery” and the result of the game in points. In case of victory “Mystery”, the design of the spaceship is different.