Pizza Party



Pizza Party is more than a regular slot machine. Here players have the opportunity to independently decide in which of the four sets to send the dropped combination of symbols. It happens that you have to take a risk and place symbols in one of two or even three sets, if the combination is suitable for different lines. Of course, it is not known which symbols will drop next. You have to rely only on your intuition. Winning combinations are presented on the first screen to help players understand the rules of the game.



There are 4 sets on the main playing field. In each of them, players place symbols to collect winning combinations. The sets are designed as large boards for working with dough. The field on which random symbols appear is designed like a sheet from a family book with recipes. Additionally, there is a paytable on the playing field with the designation of points for each symbol. The result of the game can be easily tracked by the standings.



The game background takes players to the holy of holies of any restaurant – to the kitchen. Cozy brickwork on the walls creates a feeling of warmth. Guests are greeted by a chef in a snow-white uniform. Bright red accents – an apron and a scarf – accentuate the impeccable whiteness of his suit. The chef is very charismatic, he masterly holds freshly baked pizza on the weight, as if inviting to try it.
You can also see the tools that no chef can do without: there are a variety of knives, pans of different sizes, and other tools.
The groceries in the baskets are ready to go to the table to turn into the best dishes for the restaurant guests. Lush dough, fresh tomatoes and aromatic sauce flaunt on the table. New pizza coming soon!



The symbols of the game seem to have been taken from the kitchen in the best restaurant in Rome or Naples. Excellent pizza can be made from them. Scatter Symbol – a bag with the highest grade flour. Only from such flour can make the perfect pizza dough. Bonus symbol – juicy, fleshy tomato. Selected tomatoes are needed for a delicious sauce! The quality of the sauce, and therefore the whole pizza, depends on the vegetables. Wild Symbol is an image of the pizza itself. The first piece has already been cut from it, and just about one of the guests of the restaurant will appreciate the taste of the most famous Italian dish.



The following symbols are equally important ingredients, without which it is impossible to imagine any Italian restaurant or pizzeria. A wooden board on which the dough is cut and on which the pizza lies until it goes into the oven. A pitcher of farm milk – for the very best bechamel sauce. A bottle of olive oil is a must-have on the table in a restaurant and in any home kitchen in Italy. Oil is added to dough, pasta, sauces and salads. Next comes the wood-burning stove. Only on a live fire can you bake a real pizza with a crispy crust. And the last symbol in this group is a heavy wooden rolling pin. With this rolling pin, you can evenly roll out the dough and get the best pizza base. All symbols here are framed in a round frame decorated with sprigs of fragrant rosemary.



Two more symbols continue the gastronomic theme – a chef’s hat and a head of mozzarella cheese. Mozzarella is a must-have for cheese pizza!



There are also 6 symbols in the game with classic dice. Their texture is reminiscent of snow-white mozzarella – you just want to taste a bite.



There is also a variant with multi-colored cubes. Viscous melted cheese flows from them.



Traditional cubes with Chinese hieroglyphs have a classic design.



Players can get additional points using the wheel. The “Spin” button on it looks like a cutaway tomato, and a piece of cheese is used as an arrow.


The background of the game is darkened on the greeting screens. A bright image appears with a slate board, on which the menu of the day is usually written. There is an inscription “Big win” on the board, the top of the board is decorated with an Italian flag and a chef’s hat. For “Total win” congratulations, the same board is used, but without the cap and flag. For the screen with the inscription “Mystery” we offer a variant with a paper block on which recipes and notes are written.