Divine Greece




Blossom Paradise


Flowers are the eyes of nature – purple velvet tulips, unusual blue carnations, charming roses, colorful daisies; dandelions and sunflowers raise their golden heads to the sun, rejoicing in the warmth and light.

“Blossom Paradise” is a real trip for flower lovers, even those who do not have special feelings for flowers and nature, it will not leave indifferent.



Butterfly Jackpot


Since ancient times, these incredible insects have been considered symbols of beauty, eternity, youth and spiritual rebirth. These are real natural flowers.

They are so magical and fantastically fabulous that they will win the heart of anyone.

Don’t wait that long. “Butterfly Jackpot”, like a breath of spring wind, will take the player to a mesmerizing world, where on their wings a person will be carried away beyond himself.



Sweet & Spins


Sweets are always associated with lightness and fun. Suffice it to recall the children’s party: it is always a candy bar, a lot of cakes, candies and cookies.

It is known that people who like sweets tend to be more sociable, cheerful and responsive.

Bright colors, a festive atmosphere and a feeling of lightness – all this helps players to move to an alternative reality without worries.



Lucky Vegas


Universe of entertainment, planet of adventure, world of excitement. This is all Las Vegas. The bright lights of Vegas beckon to try their luck. Here every guest can feel like on top of the world.

Do you want to go to Vegas just by opening a game on your smartphone? This is possible with our “Lucky Vegas” slot!

Once you start the game, it is impossible to stop. As in real casinos there are no windows and clocks on the walls, so our slot makes you forget about time and lose touch with reality.