Under the Sea

Inspired by the Caribbean theme, we have designed a sea fantasy slot in which you can find many thematic graphic elements.

This slot includes: the main background, an unusually shaped reels, as many as 4 bonus games and a special window for choosing a bonus game, 12 game symbols and many other interesting graphics. See detailed description of the slot by clicking “See project”.



We present you a new unique slot, which is based on the legendary film “The Mask of Zorro”. Feel the atmosphere of the 20s with small cozy streets of the old city and of course the main character in a mask.

Thematic elements, high-quality graphics and animation, unique splash screens and pay tables – all this for the best game and complete immersion in the subject of Zorro. Click “See project” to check all fearutes of the slot game.


Fruits and Crowns

Classic is always in demand. Due to this we decided to give a new breath by creating classic slot machine. It consists of fruits, bar symbols and of course Wild. Background image is made in a form of pattern that the most fits to this slot game. Classic symbols, reels, controls and a background – all this gives the best memories.

We strongly recommend you to click “See project” to see all elements of the game slot machine “Fruits and Crowns”, which has incorporated the elements of timeless classics and modern trends in the processing of digital graphics.


8 Lucky Charms Extreme

We’re happy to announce the new slot game, which was based on the one of our previous games, but which got absolutely new graphics. Chineese themes became popular many years ago and still been on the top due to the great popularity of chineese culture in the world.

In this slot machine we united the most poular signs and symbols of an Ancient China. Tiger, dragon, golden turtle, gold coin and much more. Enjoy with an amazing graphic and specific feeling of chinese culture with our slot machine “8 Lucky Charms Extreme”.


Fire Department

Due the frequent incidents of mass fires, the fire department extends its authority and the number of its branches! We present to your attention our new development dedicated to fire theme and elimination of fires.

Be careful with the fire, because the consequences can be irreversible, so if you have any doubts about fires, contact the appropriate services immediately. Be sure to visit our introductory section on the development of a slot machine and remember that matches should be kept away from children.


Tiger vs Dragon

One of the most popular topics in the online casino are oriental themes, with a touch of Chinese and Japanese cultures, and today we would like to demonstrate our new development of graphic materials and illustrations for the slot machine “Tiger vs Dragon”.

Be sure to check out our introductory section on the development of the slot machine “Tiger vs Dragon” and be one step closer to all the subtleties, details and of course to the winnings!